About us

GAUKURINN is a bar and events venue, situated in downtown Reykjavík.

We offer a wide range of LIVE MUSIC, mostly Icelandic bands but sometimes foreign musicians as well. All genres of music are welcome at Gaukurinn and we are proud to  host a lot of alternative events and music, including the fantastic rock and metal scene of Reykjavík.

Every Monday we have SOULFLOW COMEDY – a women and queer standup comedy open mic in English. Every Tuesday we host a KARAOKE PARTY (also free of charge) that has become a very popular event – it makes a difference to sing on a quality stage! Twice a month the infamous drag troupe Drag-Súgur puts on a show at Gaukurinn; one marvelous main show with all of the established Royals of the city and one experimental Drag-Lab (free entry) where newcomers are welcomed to the stage and more seasoned performers try out new material.

We also host a variety of other events, including pub quizzes, poetry slams, dance parties, burlesque shows and more. We have a great stage and one of the finest sound systems in the city – if you are looking for a place for your event or concert please contact us via e-mail: bookings@gaukurinn.is

Gaukurinn is a queer friendly space with gender neutral bathrooms. Please bring joy, love and respect – we want everyone to feel safe.

During Covid-19 restrictions our opening hours are:
17 – 23 every day
Happy Hour is 17 – 20 every day
and our schedule can change with short notice.

Here are some glimpses of our existence ❤
All photos by JÚNÍA LÍF Photography
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1 thought on “About us

  1. Hi Svet Kant are a prog-metal band based in Dublin and are interested in playing in Reykjavík. Can you give some information about booking gigs in your venue please?

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