Upcoming events (June / July)

Happy Hour every day 14:00 – 21:00
SNAPCHAT: gaukurinnsnap
INSTAGRAM: @instagaukurinn
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26/6: Standup Comedy in English – Free entry – 21:00

27/6: KARAOKE party – Free entry – 21:00

28/6: Veganæs Veisla – 20:00 – Free entry
For those of you who don´t know, Linnea HellströmKrummi BjorgvinssonÖrn Tönsberg are building an all vegan diner inside of Gaukurinn, to serve up cruelty free comfort food for everyone! It´s due to open as soon as possible, but first we need Your help to make it happen!
We are currently about midway through a Karolina Fund crowdfunding campaign to collect the remaining start up capital, you can find out more about it and us, plus pledge your support right here:
The campaign has now reached over 50 % of our goal and ends the 16th of July, meanwhile it´s still going on we want to invite all of you to a Veganæs veisla!

Come check out the progress so far & enjoy some meganæs live music;
Teenage Lightning
Banana Queen & Chocolate Boy of Vegan Klíkan
Fever Dream
Une Misère
Stage times & maybe some more music TBA

29/6: DRAG LAB with Drag-Súgur – 1500 ISK – 21:00
Come along to the newest, most experimental drag show in Iceland! Drag Lab has been started to showcase to the world the hidden drag talent of Reykjavík for the very first time. Out of the dark and into the spotlight, prepare for incredible new performers and new acts, as well as classic performances for your favourite kings and queens! The first show will be hosted by the wonda-ful Wonda Starr.

30/6: Röskun / Lith – Free entry – 22:00

1/7: Kælan Mikla / Kuldaboli / Börn / Rex Pistols – 1000 ISK – 21:00

2/7: Movie Night and Pub Quiz EXTRAVAGANZA with Drag-Súgur – 20:00 – Free entry

3/7: Standup comedy in English – 21:00 – Free entry

4/7: Karaoke party – 21:00 – Free entry

6/7: Hip hop/Trap night: Nodle, Vrongs Funeral, m e g e n, Andsetinn, Geisha Cartel – 21:00 – Free entry

7/7: Standup comedy show by Halli Borgfjörð, Dean Delray and Adrienne Airhart – 21:00 – 1000 ISK
Karaoke party from midnight – Free entry

8/7: Nordic Permaculture Festival – 21:00 – Free entry

10/7: Standup comedy in English – 21:00 – Free entry

11/7: Karaoke party – 21:00 – Free entry

12/7: Hip hop night: Kíló, Seint, Seppi, Catmanic, Nicky J, Holy Hrafn & Binni Bó – 21:00 – 500 ISK

13/7: Spünk, Brött Brekka, XGADDAVÍRX – 21:00 – Free entry


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