This weekend!


Kiriyama Family
DJ Maggi Legó after the concert
House opens at 21:00
Presale tickets for 1500 isk:
2000 ISK at the door
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Film Screening: „Half Cocked“ and „Who Took Johnny“
Filmmakers Micheal Galinsky and Suki Hawley in attendance!
In the fall of 1993 Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley hatched the idea for “Half-Cocked” while on a chilly walk along the East River. Four Months Later they were shooting their half-documentary half-fiction film about the underground music scene. Financed by Matador Records, the film was shot for just over $10,000 dollars. When it was complete Matador released the soundtrack and Hawley and Galinsky took the film on tour, projecting it in rock clubs across the US and Europe. Eventually Matador put out the VHS. Rumur relased a DVD in 2006.
Starring members of Rodan, Freakwater, Crain, Nation of Ulysses, Slint, Cupid Car Club, The Make-Up, The Grifters, and many others, the film documents a specific time and place in American Underground culture. It was shot while Kurt Cobain was alive, and was being edited when he died. At the time the film “Kids” was being shot in Hawley’s bedroom as she edited in the closet. (
Hawley and Galinsky went on to make a half dozen other feature films, many of them documentaries. Their most recent collaboration with partner David Beilinson “Who Took Johnny” will screen at RIFF. They figured if they were coming to Reykjavik they might as well finally get Half-Cocked screened in Iceland.
Screener is available at : – for review purposes only.
1000 ISK entry
Starts at 21:00

After the film screening: Slam on a Jazz Jam, ft. Vivid Brain and Seth Sharp. Free entry!
Facebook Event:


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