Humanitarian Help for Gaza Concert 21/8


Since the recent escalation of conflict in Gaza, more and more people there are in a desperate need for help. Especially children.

There are many homeless, injured and orphaned children which need our help and attention. We can not even begin to imagine, what is it like for them to experience horror of extermination (because that´s what it is).

You can think, that there is little you can do, but that´s not correct. You CAN help. For example just by showing up on this amazing event, with greatest artist, which decided to perform and support that cause.


The whole ticket sale will go to the PCRF – Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Let´s make a difference!


17:00 – Meistarar dauðans
18:00 – Panos From Komodo
18:40 – Different Turns
19:20 – Himbrimi
20:00 – MAMMÚT
20:40 – Kvöl
21:20 – Börn
22:00 – Skepna
22:40 – Strigaskór nr. 42
23:20 – NYKUR
00:00 – DIMMA

Facebook Event:

See you there!


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